The Department of Health and Paramedical Sciences is contributing to the development of high quality middle level skilled manpower in health sector. The Department strives for innovation and continuous improvement in quality and relevance of the programmes and activities for the development of curriculum packages and training of teachers and instructors in healthcare and paramedical. The Department has developed 12 curricula and 4 textbooks and practical manuals for +2 level (Grade XI & XII) vocational courses.

  • Conduct researches in the area of health and paramedical sciences for enhancement of skills development and optimal utilization of available health promotion, disease prevention, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative technologies at primary, secondary and tertiary level health care institutions.
  • Generate awareness on the importance of skills training in the healthcare sector and organize vocational expositions for display of products prepared by vocational students.
  • Organize awareness programme on NVEQF/NSQF for senior functionaries of the state/UTs
  • Contribute to the social objectives of the School Health Promotion programmes at national and state levels so that comprehensive school health services including school health education, school health care services and health promoting school environment are available to the community
  • Strengthen the linkages and networking with a range of healthcare sector organizations, including the government and private sector agencies involved in academic, research and health services. Develop competency based curriculum packages for providing customized skill training based on skill standards identified by the Healthcare Sector Skill Council.
  • Conduct competency based training programmes for teachers and instructors in the area of Health and Paramedical sciences.
  • Liaise with NCERT constituents and other organisations for developing curricula and courseware in School Nutrition, Life Style Education and Life Skills Education.
  • Develop competency based modular curricula and teaching-learning materials in the area of health sector.

Electronic commerce, more popularly known as E-commerce, has evolved as an instrument of taking services and products to the door step of the consumers. Besides traditional courses in business and commerce, the Department is focusing on the development of materials related to E-commerce. The following are the key areas:

  • Health and Healthcare Services
  • Social and Community Health Services
  • Occupational Health & Safety Practices
  • Pre-hospital Emergency Care
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance Services
  • Health and Disability
  • Audiometry
  • Optometry
  • Acupunture
  • Naturopathy
  • Occupational Therapy